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To help you better understand our approach to knowledge-production and -curation, as well as our expectations from transdisciplinary and intersectoral collaboration, we’d like to employ the following visual quote (a modified schema from Donella Meadows’ seminal “Leverage Points”). Our research, system design, and science-policy communication efforts predominantly address the area denoted by the upper half of the depicted pyramid.

Participating in our knowledge-production efforts

There are multiple ways of engaging with our knowledge ventures depending on your interests, needs, and strengths. Your participation can be as modest as a regular reader of our transdisciplinary bulletins in which we strive to paint the whole, honest picture of challenges in sustainable transition, or as critical as a principal investigator of a complex research project. Here you can view examples of roles and tasks performed by volunteers and students as part of their directed research assignments, internships and practica.

You are welcome to attend most of our events such as virtual roundtables, film screenings, and book discussions for free. However, the full spectrum of knowledge-building activities and the fruits of our collective knowledge and labor are generally made available to those who consciously commit to being a supporting member of our transdisciplinary knowledge commons.

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